Nitsch Power Station

On 13th September 2008 a power station is going to be opened by Peppe Morra as Nitsch’s total art work (Gesamtkunstwerk) Museum. It’ll be the place where to experience and understand the entire work of Hermann Nitsch.
Beside the permantent collection an Archive will offer a complete view on publications on the artist and personal materials given by the artist himself. Moreover it should give the chance to anyone and not only experts, students and actionists to flow into Nitsch’s philosophy.
A deep research will be given the chance to be afforded in this temple in the next years and centuries so that his work will be recognised and his philosophy enhanced.
I hope this power station to become a deserving and reach source for Nitsch’s total art work and an effort for next generations to keep on making a careful study of his poetry and furthermore a responsibility for related universities together with the Neapolitan temple to study and to spread his poetry universally without any social marginalisation.

Maria Graff
Responsible for culture department, Vienna