Colour Theory

my colour theory explores solely the phenomenon of colour. a scientific view of colour is not my concern but how the artist can use it. the phenomenon of colour abstracted from the world, the most diverse colours, their beauty, the possibility to enhance this beauty through combinatorics. the usefulness for my o.m. theatre and with it the synaesthetic relationships to other sensual impressions are to be explored. how far colour harmonics, the feeling for arranging colours, can be taught, passed on to younger artists, is another concern.
the most extreme idea of the deluded, narcotised flesh and the resultant mind is being extinguished, being unborn, nirvana, nothingness. the bottomless abyss of the night, of nothingness, the absence of light, of colours, the dark absence of everything, of all the senses, all consciousness, all being was predestined to become the goal of all that is finite. this abysmal absence may not only be viewed as the end of all being however, but also as the beginning of all being (in the beginning was the void [god created the world out of the void]).
all the structures of being meet in the groundless ground. the greater the world constructs itself, the more intensively creation propels its way forward in us, the more gigantically being actualises itself in the direction of eternity and infinity, the greater is the absence of all in nothingness.
let us begin again with night, with the uterine night of nothingness, the chamber of death and the birth of all. out of this night there arises in enormous cycles, which includes the perpetuity, birth and death of microstructures of worlds, cosmoses, through so-called base explosions (big bang), dramatic events of monstrous creative force, out of this light is born. all the violent pain, the trauma of birth, the tragic (death and life) is concentrated in one (balled light) after this LIGHT BIRTH, which radiates the light of every conceivable sun of our cosmos. everything is contained latently in this amorphous light-ball fulgent out of the chaos, blinding, provoking the limits of space. for the time being all the light and colours of the expanses. for the time being luminous (life-giving) suns, solar systems, our galaxy, milliards of galaxies form. geometry is born of the light, energy, heavenly forces are born. the forces of nature released absolutely out of chaos give consciousness ordered, geometric orbits, within which the heavenly bodies move, which they pass through. LIGHT expands to a spherical sound. the light of the immense suns suffuses the endless worlds with flourishing, healthy life through to the flesh of the spirit. spectral analysis determines the chemical composition of the matter of the stars through their light. all being is colour, these colours are awoken, imbued by the light of the SUNS, monstrous processes, atom-splitting generate light, colour to please our eyes. all colours are now born in our existence. the colours blaze, brightness and rapture strain our gleeful eyes.
the atmosphere becomes colour. the background layers and tinges the luxuriant warm colours, scents and fragrances of fresh flowers.
light is released into the diversity of colours. we see a warm, scenting blaze in our GARDENS: of moist cherry-red, poppy-blossom blue, blood-red, sour-cherry, wine-red, crimson-grape, tulip-red, warm scarlet, tunicle orange, tunicle red, dampish meat-red, pulpy peach hues, pulpy apricot hues, jasmine white, lilac, yolk yellow, blue lilac, lavender blue, incense blue, narcissus blue, narcissus white, violet blue, cyclamen violet, lily white, yolk yellow, raspberry red, passion fruit violet, bluebottle, aqua blue, sky blue, grass-green, green-gold, tulip white, lilac, snow-white, warm-wind white, rain-soaked green of the forest, tea-rose yellow, pollen yellow, honey, honey-bronze, poppy blue, sugar-brown, malt-brown, coffee-brown, camomile-yellow, chromium-yellow, acrid-yellow, golden-yellow, gladiola-red, gladiola-pink, violet, orange-red.
light is nothing charming in its origin, it was wrestled from chaos by way of a painful birth.
the phenomena surrounding us are tinged by colour, shaded variously, drawn out, denoted, what’s visible can sound out. colour reveals itself to the eye not only in its direct manifestation, it sounds out colour from music, from the sounds, from the hard realities of harmonies and dissonances.
colour is a force which goes far beyond what the eye is capable of seeing. to what end the most splendid floral-soaked, moist, pulpy flesh colours inside our bodies, the rich colours of our vital organs? the warm blood that pulses through all the veins and the pumping meaty heart chamber and the pale tulip-red lungs is invisible at first. only the wound reveals blood. it is first the death-signalling injury that lends the tremendous, ardent colour of blood its radiance. all these colours are otherwise invisible, but exude their active force in the vital events taking place in our body.
the inside of a fruit is coloured pulpy flesh. further on in the depths of the sea, in the absolute gloom of the oceanic depths where no sunray penetrates, there is life, deep-sea plants, deep-sea fish. they let a lavish, extravagant flush of colours come into being, which no one can perceive as such. split open the bodies of these animals and a stunning prolificacy of coloured slimy organs is then revealed. it would seem obvious to entrust colour with a task that goes beyond merely catching our eye.
my performance actions break open to colour, to the deep secret of colour. colours are torn out of the hearts and entrails of the slaughtered animals. flesh becomes the pulp of flowers. the colour is produced by frenzy and the light emanating from splitting atoms. an enormous power and creative frenzy makes everything glow radiantly, gives birth to colour, the birth which manifests things, brings them to their coloured, breathing liveliness. besides the colours the chemical substance of flowers blossom, the sweetness of pollen. only when they are all aroused to a frenzied intoxication of light and colour, the galaxies, the solar systems, the countless suns and expanses, only then does the supreme form of what lives, the shining light of the redeemer in the white tunic, reveals itself, once again awoken to light, sunrayed countenance of the laughing, resurrected redeemer (isenheim altar). his face is flooded by the light of all the suns in our cosmos, behind the starry sky.