51. Aktion

Thursday, 24 June, 1976

after my large prinzendorf action of 1975 i didn’t want to realise another action for some time, above all to be able to work on my books and scores. rosanna chiessi and morra managed to talk me into to perform an action as part of the art fair in bologna. originally i tended towards to a concertante symphonic performance of my music. i then proposed to perform the music together with basic elements taken from my actions. i was seeking to repeat the success of düsseldorf from 1974, only this time supported by a massive orchestra.

performance: again it was extremely difficult to bring together an orchestra, the performance took place after only a few rehearsals with a sparsely manned group. after everything had actually sounded really good during the rehearsals in a small garage, we realised that our small orchestra was not appropriate for the poor acoustic of the fair hall. conceived as hard and very, very intensive, the music dissipated without showing any intensity in the giant hall. the body actions performed briefly at the fair were not dramatic enough to justify the effort of the music, in any case incapable of asserting a presence. the music and the action performance failed to merge and enrich one another. nonetheless many of the body actions produced some very beautiful results optically. what went completely amiss was when we tied the passive performer to the portable bier with a rope that was far too thin. the rope, more accurately the cord, was only scanty decoration. fuzzi, josef ortner, 21 at the time, who had already been involved at prinzendorf as active and passive performer, was a tremendous active performer in bologna. we would have a very productive working relationship in the years to come. success was only moderate. morra wasn’t pleased with how things went, and i couldn’t really blame him.

duration: 3 x 30 min.