Opere Napoletane

…the thought and desire that have given us the chance to think,
to desire that which has no end, the incessant, that which has no limits,
in this sense are given eternity and that which has no limits,
eternity and infinite, this is, is transformation.
(H. Nitsch, Naples Nitsch Museum, Morra Editions, 2008)

Following with coherence the vocation for the Museum of ideas, dynamic place of study, of reflection of Hermann Nitsch’s poetic, the Archive Museum Laboratory for the Contemporary Arts Hermann Nitsch inaugurates on Saturday Sempteber 11, 2010 at 7pm, the collection of the artist’s Neapolitan Works. Consolidated throughout by a common intention, confirmed by the effects of an enrapturing sensorial experience, by the beauty of form, by the thrill of ecstasy, Neapolitan Works constitutes the second paragraph, at Museum Nitsch, of a creative adventure defined by important stops made up of a gallery of projects with a theme in which thoughts and contemplation are the perimeters of the spiritual and philosophical: it is an exhibition of works, of whose force lies in the peculiarity of a production that tells the long conceptual itinerary of the artist during his time in Naples in which it is possible to sense subtle traces, suggestions and unseen fascinations.
A creative adventure defined by important events, along an extensive time stretch: in 1974, the first unforgettable Neapolitan Action at the Morra Studio;
in 1977, the action that consolidates Naples as its city of choice,
in 1986, the 18th Action of paint at the home of Peppe Morra;
in 1996 at Vigna San Martino, in a spectacular scenario perfect for the enrapturing sensorial experience and actions of Nitsch;
in 2008, at the Hermann Nitsch Museum, just inaugurated, which became the temple of the universality of Viennese’s artist thought.
Finally, the Action of 2010, at the Museum Nitsch and the in Vigna San Martino, in occasion of the exhibition Nitsch & Caravaggio, the climax of a privileged intellectual voyage, outside of the discipline of language.
Two years since its opening, Museum Nitsch, inaugurated with a presence of 4000 guests, sensing the urgency of self-transformation and to favor in-depth cultural exploration, offers a new lectio magistralis of the Viennese author in which one can feel the vibrations, the beauty, the intertwining of codes, the ritual celebration of life: “Only though art, artistic experience, can I reach deeper levels, and it is only at these deep levels that I want to celebrate existence, not in a superficial way. This is really important.” (H. Nitsch)
The slow replenishment of the new through the magmatic force of HN’s most recent work defines the Nitsch Museum as a place in evolution. In this sense the project Neapolitan Works evokes the primigenial indissolubility, by interpreting the signs of reality on the archetypal image through a show “that will be ecstatic occasion of joy and life”. (H.Nitsch)

Saturday, 11 September, 2010 - 19:00