Caravaggio and the Contemporary


Hermann Nitsch Museum Friday June 18, 4pm

Introduction by: Romano Gasparotti

Interventions by:
Andrea B. Del Guercio Massimo Donà Félix Duque
Elena Pontiggia Vincenzo Vitiello
Giuseppe Zevola

will read selected passages from the text “Das Sein” by Hermann Nitsch

The Morra Foundation and the Nitsch Museum proceed with their activity of inner exploration, through and beyond the works of the revolutionary 17th century painter, by offering a series of meetings dedicated to the theme “Caravaggio and the Contemporary”. The exclusive dialogue between the two Great Masters, consecrated by the installation curated by the father of Viennese Actionism and located in the quintessential Caravaggio locus, the Sacrestia del Pio Monte della Misericordia, has received numerous consensuses for the whole of the month of May.

The initiative, curated by Romano Gasparotti(philosopher and phenomenologist of the image) doesn’t intend to limit itself to pinpointing the supposed heirs or propagators of the rediscovery of Caravaggio art in the 20th century, but hopes to open a reflection on the declination and elaboration of the radical experience of truth in painting disclosed by Caravaggio in the multitude of forms of production that characterize the contemporary scene, through the confrontation between art historians endowed both by a wide ranging vision and the active involvement in militant criticism, who are also some of the most original voices of the present European philosophical thought.
The participants to the event’s discussions will be:
Elena Pontiggia (scholar and curator of exhibitions, Contemporary Art History teacher at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan and collaborator at the Quadrienniale Foundation) expert in the relations between modernity and classicism, other than Italian art and Europe between the two wars;
Andrea B. Del Guercio (historian of Longhian school, teacher of Contemporary Art History at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan and militant critic), expert of contemporary Christian Art;
Massimo Donà (teacher of Theoretical Philosophy and Ontology at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Univeristy “Vita e Salute” – S. Raffaele of Milan and musician), author of studies on Piero della Francesca, Magritte, Beuys and on the relations between philosophy and art and philosophy and music;
Vincenzo Vitiello (already extraordinary teacher of theoretical Philosophy at the University of Salerno, now teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy “Vita e Salute” S. Raffaele of Milan), one of the foremost European experts of the thought of Hegel and Heidegger and author of studies on relations between philosophical judgment, poetic word and artistic image;
Felix Duque (teacher of history of modern philosophy at the University of Madrid and visiting professor among some of the most important universities of Latin America) expert in phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics and scholar in the phenomena of the postmodern condition.

Friday, 18 June, 2010 - 16:00